Shopping mall pictures from Toronto and the GTA. These pictures will feel nostalgic in 25 years. Eaton Centre, Square One, PATH, Pacific Mall, and more... Pics starting from 2022

Sugar Marmalade - Dragon City Mall Toronto

Workers inside the Sugar Marmalade restaurant in Dragon City Mall are smiling and laughing and seem to be having some fun at the end of the work day.

This picture was taken near the mall closing time on a Friday evening. I think it's soon time to close the restaurant for the day and go home. Maybe that's why the restaurant employees look so happy.

I've never eaten here. Maybe one day I'll stop in to try their ginseng chicken soup.

Picture of Sugar Marmalade taken at Toronto's Dragon City Mall in March, 2023.

Address: 280 Spadina Ave, Toronto ON M5T 3A5

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