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Chocollata - Union Station Toronto

Toronto's Union Station has a brand new market section that opened this month. As I walked through the market, I noticed this shop, Chocollata.

I was intrigued. The shop sells gourmet brigadeiros. Never heard of that. What's a brigadeiro?

I had to look it up...

Mary's Brigadeiro describes it in the following way... It is not a bonbon, it is not a truffle, fudge, caramel, brownie, or a cupcake... The ingredients are condensed milk, butter and chocolate.

Mmmm... sounds delicious!

There's a woman checking out the selection of brigadeiros at Chocollata. I wonder which one she'll choose? Maybe the dark vermicelli? Or maybe the almond milk chocolate? Or perhaps the white coconut?

Whichever flavour it is that she chooses, I hope it's delicious!

Picture of Chocollata taken at Union Station in Toronto, May, 2023.

Address: 65 Front Street W, Toronto, ON M5J 1E6

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