Shopping mall pictures from Toronto and the GTA. These pictures will feel nostalgic in 25 years. Eaton Centre, Square One, PATH, Pacific Mall, and more... Pics starting from 2022

My Olive - Union Station Toronto

The shopkeeper at the My Olive store in Union Station seems angry as he stands with his hands on his hips.

Why is he angry? Will he be happier if I come in and buy some olive oil?

Perhaps I should. I could try the Avocado oil, or maybe the Japanese tosated sesame oil, or perhaps even the Coratina extra virgin olive oil. Then, if I buy some black cherry balsamic vinegar, I'll have all the ingredients I need to make some delicious and healthy salad dressing. Mmmm.

My Olive is a new store at Toronto's Union station. It opened in May, 2023. I took this picture just a few days after it opened.

Address: 65 Front Street W, Toronto, ON M5J 1E6

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