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Build-A-Bear - Square One Mississauga

A woman walks past the Build-A-Bear store at Square One shopping mall in Mississauga.

Doesn't she want to stop into the store to buy a stuffed bunny with a knit hat that sounds like a monkey and smells like fresh pineapple?

Actually, that would make for a weird stuffed animal. But that's what you can do at Build-A-Bear, you can make any creation of a stuffed animal that you'd like.

I hope my girlfriend doesn't find out about this store. She spends a lot of money on stuffed toys. Her two most recent stuffed toy purchases were a stuffed sloth and a stuffed cigarette.

Picture of Build-a-Bear taken at Square One in June, 2023.

Address: 100 City Centre Dr, Mississauga, ON L5B 2C9

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