Shopping mall pictures from Toronto and the GTA. These pictures will feel nostalgic in 25 years. Eaton Centre, Square One, PATH, Pacific Mall, and more... Pics starting from 2022

Gemlet - Sherway Gardens Etobicoke

A man lovingly gazes at his wife and holds her hand as they walk past Gemlet at Sherway Gardens in Etobicoke.

It's so nice how much he seems to love her!

You know what else would be nice? If he would buy her some jewellery from Gemlet to show some more love!

Hey man, today you can buy a rose quartz gem drop necklace at Gemlet for $55. Your wife would love it!

Picture of Gemlet taken at Sherway Gardens in August, 2023.

Address: 25 The West Mall, Etobicoke, ON M9C 1B8

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