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SoftMoc - Dixie Outlet Mall Mississauga

A man checks out the Puma sneakers on display at SoftMoc in Mississauga's Dixie Outlet Mall.

I wonder why he needs to buy new sneakers today?

I bet he was trying to show off to his son's skateboarding friends this morning by attempting a 360 Ollie Kickflip on his kid's skateboard to try to look cool, didn't quite pull it off like he used to be able to do in 1998, flipped out and tore his old sneakers on the pavement when he fell, rendering the sneakers useless. Ya, for sure that's why he's buying new sneakers today!

Go with the Puma Caven 2.0s, man. They look quite nice. They sell for $84.99 at SoftMoc today.

Picture of SoftMoc taken at Dixie Outlet Mall in Auguts, 2023.

Address: 1250 S Service Rd, Mississauga, ON L5E 1V4

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