Shopping mall pictures from Toronto and the GTA. These pictures will feel nostalgic in 25 years. Eaton Centre, Square One, PATH, Pacific Mall, and more... Pics starting from 2022

Sunrise Records - Promenade Mall Thornhill

A shopper waves as he exits Sunrise Records at Promenade mall in Thornhill.

I wonder who he's waving to? And what did he just purchase in the store?

I bet he's waving to the cute girl that works in the store, the one that just gave him his phone number. I'd guess he just bought a brand new Michael Jackson Thriller cassette tape to play in the car when he takes the cute girl out on a date.

I hope the date goes well, man! Play Billie Jean for her... that song rocks!

Picture of Sunrise Records taken at Promenade mall in August, 2023.

Address: 1 Promenade Cir, Thornhill, ON L4J 4P8

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