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VIP Optical - Central Parkway Mall Mississauga

A woman wearing a backpack is being attended to by a VIP Optical store worker at Central Parkway Mall in Mississauga.

Seems like she's looking to buy new eyeglasses.

I wonder why she's buying new eyeglasses today?

I bet it's because her friend, Sandra, was over dinner last night and, unbeknownst to Sandra, the eyeglasses were somehow left on the kitchen table chair that she sat on and she ended up crushing the eyeglasses. Sandra felt bad and it was an honest mistake, but there were no hard feelings and now she needs new glasses.

Make sure you don't leave your glasses on a chair ever again, Miss! That's just an accident waiting to happen.

Picture of VIP Optical taken at Central Parkway Mall in October, 2023.

Address: 377 Burnhamthorpe Rd E. Mississauga, ON L5A 3Y1

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