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OLG Big Spin Wheel - Atrium On Bay

If you buy a Big Spin scratch lotter ticket, the ultimate goal is to scratch off a "Big Spin" prize. That gives you the opportunity to come to OLG's prize centre in Toront's Atrium on Bay to spin the big wheel.

This is a picture of the Big Spin wheel at OLG's head office and prize centre. The top prize is $500,000, although the other prizes are pretty darn good too.

If you win any of the other lotteries, like Lotto Max or Lotto 649, you'll be coming here too.

Good luck lotter players! Hopefully one day you'll get lucky enough to come to the OLG prize office where they'll take a picture of you with a big cheque.

Picture of the Big Spin wheel taken at Atrium on Bay in Toronto, January, 2023.

Address: 595 Bay St, Toronto ON M5G 2C2

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