Shopping mall pictures from Toronto and the GTA. These pictures will feel nostalgic in 25 years. Eaton Centre, Square One, PATH, Pacific Mall, and more... Pics starting from 2022

Starbucks - PATH Toronto

Customers wait for their orders at Starbucks in Toronto's PATH network.

I wonder if they used their Starbucks app to pre-order their coffee?

I wish I could do that... A client of mine sent me a $10 Starbucks gift. I didn't have the Starbucks app previously, so I downloaded the app on my phone to load the $10. Well, it turns out that Starbucks registered the American version of the app for me, so I can't even use my $10 gift in Canada. Apparantly, this is a common problem.

Damn Starbucks!

Picture of Starbucks taken at PATH Toronto in September, 2023.

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